Home Bound

Meeting my friends here in Japan is like meeting unicorns. You know, all magical and unbelievable and fairy-tale like. I fell in love with them. Hardcore love. Even the most obnoxious part of them that I hate, I love. I hope my feeling is not unrequited. This poem is for them: Continue reading



As I came back to my “previous life”, I’ve been wondering about many things, I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person, I know who my real friends are, I had a lot of first experiences as well. At this moment among my fake friends, new acquaintances, family, and nosy neighbors, there is this one thing they always ask me: “What have you been doing lately?

This poem is my response to that question. Continue reading

The Bon Voyage Repercussion

They say home is where your heart is. So to know where my home is, first I have to know where my heart has been. Continue reading


Interisland Ferry

It is amazing how simply sitting on a ferry or in a nearby port could open your mind up of many things. This poem was written in Tokashiki ferry and Tokashiki port. July 2014. Continue reading


SHI to the SA – The way Asians Think (or maybe it’s just me)

My university in Japan has really interesting classes. By interesting, I mean frickin’ awesome ! because in most classes, not only that I get to do lots of field trips, but also hands-on experiences. Amazing, right? No? Okay, moving on… Continue reading


The Not-So-Old Museum

Few weeks ago I went to Haebaru Museum, one of cultural centres in Okinawa. One thing that immediately came to my mind was : “ugh, not again”. Because naturally, all museums are associated with old things, and old things mean boring things. But not this one. This is when I learned how first impression is not always the right one. Continue reading


Writer’s Block

For you who took me to mountain peak 2 years ago Continue reading