Putting My Thinking Cap On (2)

Hey there ! This post is a continuation of Putting My Thinking Cap On. Check that out first !

Three days later, I was still at the same spot. Staring at the blinking cursor asking me the name of my future blog. I didn’t know what language I should use, should I be funny or serious or just put my name and get it over with. Some of you guys might think that I was being a baby over such a simple issue (which for some people, may not be an issue at all) but come on, I don’t wanna have a lousy blog name and regret it a week after. It has to be a kickass name, with a little bit of culture, speak my personality, and all the good stuffs.

dat damn blinking cursor

dat damn blinking cursor

Another no-blog-name day had passed and I was still clueless. That cursor was still blinking. That create website button was still unclicked. I was just sitting there, staring blankly, frowning, and thinking that this is so not fun !!!!

Few minutes later I realized my problem was I put too much pressure on this matter. I tried to calm down and I came up with names – silly names, but hey, it was a start nonetheless. Breathing space, elbow room, scribbleicious, and all other names which would make you think that you are being spammed *hahaha* ๐Ÿ˜€

Out of the blue, I remembered what my grandma used to say “witing tresna jalaran saka kulina”.ย That was my traditional language, Javanese, which means “Love starts from the perpetual action” in English. And bingo ! I have my blog name. My self-sufficient side once again took over. I was humming a happy song and I clicked on that blue button on the right so happily. I got into a page where I had to pick the theme, the color scheme, the sticky notes, tons of other choices. Immediately, that self-sufficient side of me ran away and I had to put my thinking cap back on.



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