The Accelerated Displacement

It’s always a little awkward when your friends found out that you’re single now.

It started out as a simple thing. You broke up, and you were in this mending phase where sometimes you just want to be left alone – if not far away, from that particular person. One day a friend asked you where your couple was. As much as you want your private life to be as private as possible, people will eventually find out that you are now just you, no sidekick.

The same thing happened to me months ago. I found myself once again, in the end of a relationship. Separated by South and East China Sea, there was really nothing I could do. Hence, when a friend of mine throw me that question, other questions are bound to be asked. What happened, are you okay, do you wanna cry, and so forth. Clearly rhetorical. Yet people just couldn’t stop bombarding me with those questions. It was no longer the notion of breaking up itself, but the question thrown that was keeping me from what so called “moving on“.

During that gloomy period of time I was stress-eating. I made lots of brownie, and I cried. I cleaned my room, ate soft cookies and ice cream, then I cried. I skipped class *sshhh, it’s a secret* then I stopped crying and I found myself going on an adventure with my fellow exchange students. I prepared myself for weeks or even months of crying and mending my broken heart. But I recovered quicker, way quicker than expected. Rather than arithmetic, my rate of happiness grew geometrically. My friends here are so amazing and I was too busy having fun with them that I forgot I have a broken heart. Thank you fellas, you are all my first-rated friends ! :*

Naturally, after you overcome the chapter of breaking up, comes the dating games. Studying abroad has forced me to be more extrovert to a certain degree with specified individuals. I was introduced to people from the other side of the Earth, which came with different breakfast routine, choice of topping on toast, etc. My advice on this matter is : take time to think, no rush. You owe it to yourself to choose who is the best for you. And as a close friend once told me, you never know when your feeling decides to fall in love.

Love. Why do we crave it so much ?


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