Schlumberger VT – At A Glimpse

Isn’t it funny how things turned out to be ? Who would’ve thought a grumpy little girl, who used to cry every single time when her brother ruined her assembled lego pieces, could turn into a Vacation Trainee of this world-leading multinational oilfield services company ?

I was eating lunch with my mother when my senpai called. It had been a while since the last time I heard from him. After chewing the fat for quite a while, he told me about this internship program at his workplace, Schlumberger.

Long story short, I decided to apply. Me and 3 of my lovely friends went to Jogja, a town next to mine. We checked in to a hotel, and walked around to eat. We didn’t really know what we’re getting into. Back in the hotel, I checked my email. Since the screening process of interns and job applicants are the same, my senpai told me there will be multiple screening processes, which are :

  1. Fluency and common sense. This is used to put your english fluency, logic and common sense, and problem solving ability, into test. Remember to answer it directly as this step is done verbally.
  2. Aptitude test. A written test in a form of multiple choice that consists of basic math, calculus, mechanical physics, power/electrical physics (my least favorite subject, btw), and essay on geometry. I believe this is one of the (if not the most) brutal part of the screening process. I noticed many applicants did not pass this test. I feel like it was a miracle that I passed *lol. Ah, make sure you know the related scientific terms and international system units.
  3. Focus Group Discussion. Where you will be divided into several groups of people and discuss a case study (sort of). It’s all about debating, negotiating, and problem solving. Try to stand out by volunteering as group moderator. Or do the silent-but-deadly method where you deliver a badass arguments/ideas and convince people to follow your lead. Be prepared for a “bloody battle” with the interviewer !
  4. HR Interview. Let your personality shine thru !!!
  5. Medical Check up. The easiest step since I was just standing there and let other people do their job which includes touching my body hahaha :p

I made it through the medical check up, unfortunately my 3 friends didn’t. So they spent the day walking around the town, sending me photos to make me jealous and came back home without me. I was by myself, friendless, doing those hardcore screening for 3 consecutive days.

After months of waiting, expecting, surrendering, and more waiting, I got a call from the HR Manager saying that I was accepted. Yattaaa !! I’m gonna tell you more about my internship on my next post. But first, ask yourself these questions. Are you :

  1. A 2nd-year undergraduates engineering students with minimum 3.30 (out of 4) GPA ?
  2. Young male and female, dynamic, with good command of spoken and written English ?
  3. Adaptable, creative, hard working, independent, self motivated ?
  4. Willing to work under pressure ?

If all of your answers are yes, then you definitely absolutely obviously must apply for Schlumberger Vacation Trainee Program. For more info, check out Slb’s website !

May the luck and opportunity be with you.


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