This is my first English poem I’ve ever written. Took me a while to think about whether I should show this to the world. And then I thought okay, lets do this. I wrote this during my field trip to Tokashiki Jima, July 2014. 

One hundred and seventy eight
You were counting the freckles he has on his face
then you notice how
everyone is looking at you looking at him
So you’re looking up, down, left, anywhere
but his face

You see a woman wearing big yellow beach hat
dragging a four-wheeled red suitcase
A little boy with oversized mickey mouse shirt
running around the hallway
You see a half-eaten onigiri in the corner of the room
Three trash cans, four vending machines
One, two, .. that’s six benches to your right
This is a smart trick, counting
Keeps your mind off of the freckled guy

Ah, now people are talking – finally
You are looking at their eyes now
to make them think that you are listening
But you are somewhere else
thinking about the guy with freckles on his face
thinking if he ever falls in love with you,
you and him would make a great pair
Laying down on a thick summer grass
Or the nearby beach where waves crash

One hundred and seventy nine
You catch yourself back into counting his freckles
You start smiling
And you can’t stop smiling


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