Schlumberger VT – Insider’s View

Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Oilfield Technologies, Well Completion and Productivity, Artificial Lift Segment, Summer Intern Program in Middle East and Asia, Vacation Trainee. That’s where I was at, 2 years ago. Busting my ass off.

Artificial Lift is involved in developing solutions for lifting the fluid to surface when the well can’t flow by itself. There are lots of methods and technologies involved, sadly I couldn’t share with you here. During my internship, I was studying about Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP).

ESP works with energy resulted from drop of pressure between the reservoir and producing facilities on the surface. Almost like how you drink with a straw. So it was really really cool to see, first hand, how engineers really work and how the mechanism of the machines are interacting.

The main goal of being a Vacation Trainee is to create a bridge between the company and the related university, also to give interns full opportunity to evaluate and analyze the Slb lifestyle.

Why is it so awesome to be a VT ?

You will get a hell lotta perks. I think the biggest advantage is to get information about the job from the inside. I was introduced to the possible future work field, made connections with people, and adapted to Slb way of life, which was very demanding. So you have to be strong and tough to learn about the oil and gas industry.

Second perk is you are going to be famous. Well, maybe not all of you. Maybe it was just me *lol. In my case, I was the first VT selected from my university. Hence, I was appointed to be the company’s ambassador on my uni and must pass on my experiences to other students who may be right for the job.

Third advantage is getting all the mundane things. I got a really good salary – considering I was only a second year undergrad, no professional skills, and didn’t really help with anything. I got to be in a five-star hotel, received all the services and facilities for free. When the company’s staff house wasn’t ready, I stayed in another 5 star hotel with free meals, laundry, and other services.

Of course this internship is not only about Schlumberger giving out things. It comes with tasks and responsibilities. I can’t stress you enough about how demanding this job is. Although you feel like the job is not for you, you still have to finish the internship and act as an ambassador.

Schlumberger designs impressive training programs, supplies instructors, promotes conductive training environment, etc but the learning remains an individual matter. Each engineer is responsible for his own training. Make yourself comfy during the course of your internship as you will be regularly audited by headquarters to evaluate validity and maintain consistent high standard of performance worldwide. Follow the guidelines as closely as possible, come out with an applicable improvement for your final project, and learn as much as possible.

Good luck !


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