Streetlamp To A Bicycle

It was not until the last week of July, after my trip to Tokashiki Jima, that I noticed how a whole lotta bicycles are stranded in Japan (especially at Ryudai). I was in my Okinawan Culture class when I looked outside and saw how streetlamps look so lonely. I imagined what would happen if a streetlamp sends a love letter to a bicycle. I quickly borrowed my friend’s pen (Thanks Chelsie !) and so this poem was born.

Some poems are not meant to be just on a paper. Some poems should be read out loud, and so does this poem. If I have opportunities, I would be ecstatic to read this poem (or my other poems) in a better way to really deliver what I’ve been trying to say.

As I am going back to my country soon, I wish this poem could be a reminder of all the good, bad, wonderful, annoying times I had with everyone I met in Japan. Thank you Erica, Chelsie, Fang (Happy awesome bday !), Selma, Reiao, Michael, Andrew, Miao, Koldo, Deden. Your support doesn’t go unnoticed. I love you guys *kiss

They told me
that we live in different dimensions
That there will only be you, me
differently, there will never be “we”
They said
You only use me to keep you from falling
That they can see right through you, and
How I’m better off longing

As I close my eyes during the day
You are going miles and miles away
Gliding through the wind,
You aim for the sky
Tire to tire you are one hell
of a sleeker model
I know, some of us
are born chasing disaster
But no worry, I was meant
to wait for the chaser

It is creeping its way towards night
I’m still standing on a street corner
Somewhere off the highway, waiting
Maybe someday
You’ll grow old,
Tired of the road
and roll on back to me
Lean your body against mine
And when I blink my eyes open
Your smile
Will be the only one I see

(Ranintia Pramesti, Japan 2014)

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