This is the second poem I wrote. I dont know why but all my poems are revolving around saying goodbye or the feeling of loving someone haha. But hey, the purpose of this blog is for me to write whatever I want. Hope you enjoy !

Let me tell you the truth here
I am so high right now
with memories as my drug, rushing
within my blood flow
I am so high
If you take a spaceship, launch it to the moon,
I will look down
And see you as tiny tiny cocoon

Did you know ?
Someone had turned the hourglass
upside down
Reminding us it is time for the countdown

Because when the last grain of sand
inside that hourglass is thrown
I have nothing but memories which can’t really
be shown

Did you hear that ?
The ticking clock behind the wall
whose sound grows louder
Time is running out, and it serves
as a reminder

I am inhaling, as much as I could
The air we used to breathe in
My eyes are taking pictures of all the roads
we used to walk in at night
street corners where we share our stories,
the beach and parks we used to
see fireworks from. Those, my friend,
are the art of capturing

We are moving closer toward
the time to say goodbye
Just like night turns to day, this is
something we can’t deny
So let’s take our last group photo in the rye
Where all I can see is smile

Ranintia, Japan 2014

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