SHI to the SA – The way Asians Think (or maybe it’s just me)

My university in Japan has really interesting classes. By interesting, I mean frickin’ awesome ! because in most classes, not only that I get to do lots of field trips, but also hands-on experiences. Amazing, right? No? Okay, moving on… Continue reading


The Not-So-Old Museum

Few weeks ago I went to Haebaru Museum, one of cultural centres in Okinawa. One thing that immediately came to my mind was : “ugh, not again”. Because naturally, all museums are associated with old things, and old things mean boring things. But not this one. This is when I learned how first impression is not always the right one. Continue reading

Putting My Thinking Cap On

It has been a while since I made a new account on the internet. Which is why I found it surprisingly difficult when I tried to make this blog. It is not about what I want to write, convey, publish, or anything related to the content of this blog, no no. Rather, it was the very first step, the conception phase, the beginning of creating this blog : entering the site address.


So I have been writing some of my most memorable experiences, my first attempts on something, how I feel about new people I’ve met, and so forth. Bearing that in mind, I thought “Oh, I really wanna share my feelings to the world. I wanna make connections, build relationships, engage with new people. I’m gonna start a blog ! It’s gonna be a piece of cake”. But boy, I was wrong.

I did a little research on how to start a blog. I quick-read everything and just like that, with excitement and big smile on my face, the self-sufficient side of me took over and closed all those blog tutorials, opened the wordpress, and read “enter your new site address” in WordPress. Then it hit me. “What the heck should I name my blog ?” I remembered thinking. I quickly opened a new tab, googled the most famous blogs, and I got nothing. I googled phrases, idioms, sayings, and I got nothing. I opened thesaurus, rhyme finder, still, annoyingly, nothing sparks on my mind. Frustrated, I asked my friend what word would describe me the most. The answers were very.. ummm.. widely ranged, if I may say. From sunflower, open, to sabishii (means lonely). But apart from self introspection, they gave me nothing. So I was back to googling phrases and stuff.

I know people hate reading too many paragraphs, so I will continue this story here 🙂